A Draw Tube or Draw Bar uses axial (linear) motion to activate (open or close) a chuck on a CNC Lathe or Turning Center. Draw Tubes and Bars perform identical functions – the only difference is that a Draw Tube is hollow (a tube) to accommodate bar stock, and a Draw Bar is solid.

Lucy’s Machine Company has been producing Draw Tubes and Draw Bars for a wide variety of machine tools since 1972. All Lucy’s Draw Tubes are made from 1026 Alloy Steel DOM tube hardened to HRC 28/32 for standard wall thickness; and from 4340 Alloy Steel for thin-wall applications to .190”. Our Draw Bars are made using 4130 or 4340 Alloy Steel for strength and durability.

All Lucy’s Draw Bars and Tubes can be ordered with standard or metric threads. We also supply a full range of Draw Tube Adaptors made to order.

Standard Features:

• 1026 Alloy Steel DOM Tube for Standard Draw Tubes
• 4340 Alloy Steel Tube for Thin-Wall Draw Tubes
• 4130 or 4340 Alloy Steel for Draw Bars
• Standard or Metric Threads
• Any Length
• 2-3 Day Standard Delivery with Same-Day Service Available
• Guaranteed to Fit Virtually Any Machine Tool
• Shipment to Any Destination World Wide

Easy to Order!

Just call us at (323) 587-6162, Fax us at (323) 587-4820 or email us at mail@lucysmachine.com with the make and model number of your machine tool and the size of your bar stock. We maintain an extensive database with detailed specifications for virtually every machine tool on the planet! Our Spindle Liners range from .250” I.D. to 6.00” I.D. and can be any length you need. Standard delivery is 2 to 3 days, with same-day and overnight service available. We deliver anywhere in Southern California and ship anywhere in the world!

Our Products are Custom-Designed to Fit Virtually Any Machine Tool.

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